MYKRONOZ – Differentiate from other Smart Watches

The CEO of MyKronoz, Boris Brault, came up with the idea of a hybrid smartwatch. According to him, he inspired to create a device that would combine the traditional Swiss watch and the key features of a smartwatch. Today, the majority of the tech-savvy consumers in the world are adopting smartwatches, although, here comes another revolution. ZeTIME, the world’s first hybrid smartwatch was created to expand the bandwidth of the services that the watch industry currently offers. Unlike a traditional smartwatch, ZeTIME has mechanical hands that can tell time without having to turn on the display of this hybrid smartwatch, thus, saving time and most importantly, battery life. A significant and nerve-wracking issue that most smartwatch users face is the battery life. ZeTIME’s battery for the analog movement is designed to work for 30 days in one go. In addition to this, ZeTIME can be worn throughout the day as it is water-resistant. With a full-color touch-screen, the hybrid smart watch checks weather takes pictures and controls your music directly from your wrist. The setting up process hardly takes any time with the ZeTIME free mobile app available on Google Play or App Store. Keep track of all your daily activities and use personal goals to stay motivated!

mykronaz smart watches
Mykronoz Hybrid smartwatch

Health Care

ZeTIME, the world’s first hybrid smart watch, offers the widest range of features, best value and trusted service as its unique selling proposition. This product targets many customer segments, one of which comprises of sports players. Let’s take a look at an interview that was conducted in order to get an honest and transparent feedback for the product!

As a player, what are the key features in ZeTIME that excite you?

I’ve been using ZeTIME for about three months now. At first when I tried it on and experienced the product by myself, I didn’t really understand the difference between ZeTIME and traditional smartwatches. Although, when the product developer at Solution Bar gave me a clearer picture about ZeTIME, I could see no reason as to why I shouldn’t buy the device. Firstly, this smartwatch is always on but this doesn’t lower the battery life. Due to its water-resistant quality, I can wear it throughout the day without any fear. Unlike other smartwatches, ZeTIME not only displays all the notifications that I receive on my phone but also tracks my daily activity allowing me to keep an eye on my personal achievements. Furthermore, this watch keeps me healthy and in perfect shape by monitoring my heart rate, calories, distance covered and sleep. This device is a combination of a smartphone and a health tracker, which helps me in keeping my life on track and achieving my goals.

Would you recommend this product to others?

Yes, definitely. I always believe in and endorse products that make life convenient through the innovative use of technology. Now, instead of spending money on doctors each time I need to track my health and measure my progress, I use ZeTIME and so should you!

Making Life Easier for a Busy Mother!

Day in day out, managing a household, job, and a family together at the same can be tough. I am a working mother with quite a hectic schedule. Sometimes, I forget most of the activities and duties I have lined up in a day. I thought of putting reminders on my smartphone, but by the end of the day, I either lose almost the charge or end up browsing aimlessly on the endless number of applications available on a smartphone. Amongst all the hassle of making food, driving my children to school and helping them with their homework and then reaching work on time, I fall short of time and end up not paying attention to my health. But I guess I’ve discovered the perfect solution to my problem! ZeTIME, the world’s first hybrid smartwatch, enables time management and ensures good health by tracking my daily activities. I can access notifications, get instant and timely reminders and monitor my heart rate, calories, distance covered in steps and sleep. I don’t get distracted as I use the smartwatch for specific purposes. I believe that ZeTIME is a comparatively inexpensive and perfect combination of an Apple Watch and Fitbit. This device has made my life easier in ways I couldn’t have imagined earlier. Now I can carry out all my daily activities, take care of family and at the same time, maintain my health as well!

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