Board Games Re-Imagined

Imagine that you’re sitting idle at home and you decide to play chess, but there is no one around you who you can play with. What do you do now? Well, you could go to your society’s club and look for an opponent, although, this is time taking and you’re not even sure if you will find someone who plays chess. Now, what can you do? Lately, there has been a lot of sensation revolving the release of a game-changing product, Square Off, and you decide to look it up.

Square Off, a product offering an endless Square Off Image 1number of features, is the amalgamation of your old school but classic chessboard with Artificial Intelligence. To start with, you can connect with anyone over a game of chess; with friends, family or even people you do not know who live on the other side of the globe. You can just as easily start a game with anyone from the 21+ million chess lovers community.

Want to take it a step further? Challenge Artificial Intelligence! You get to choose from a range of 20 complexity levels. This feature appeals to the non-chess players as well because, to them, it becomes a medium of learning. As for experienced and skillful chess players, this product is the perfect opportunity to learn a killer new move, train yourself and learn from your mistakes by analyzing every move.

When talking about the product’s form factor, we cannot miss out on the fact that the machine is handcrafted. Many companies and start-ups have introduced applications that allow you to play chess on your phones, laptops or tablets online, although, Square Off has created a different space for itself in the market. This product does not let go of the traditional form factor, realizing the essence that it holds in playing a realistic game, even if it is with an artificially intelligent computer program. Moreover, this product has a complementary application that saves all your games. This gives you a chance to review your performance, understand the nitty-gritty of each move that you have made, as well as, train your mind to think of the consequences that come with a particular move before you make it. After getting better at your game, you can keep a track of your progress and share it with the online community or your fellow players on the leaderboard.

In addition to its many features, Square Off allows saving and loading an incomplete game in case you have rush off to somewhere in between. The learning curve gets steeper as you will receive audio feedback during check, checkmate or invalid moves. When in the mood to just watch a game and learn from the best, you can tune into any match worldwide and replay it whenever you want. The company behind this revolutionary product, InfiVention, has ensured a straightforward setup process and a long-lasting battery life of up to 30 games.

Another such product that has revolutionized the way people look at the traditional ways of learning is Pearl’s Play & Learn Educational Learning Games.


This device aims to teach and enhance the learner’s language skills in a very easy and fun way. Instead of spending time in front of the TV, laptop or phone to learn a language, play your favorite games with family, friends or even when you’re alone, and reach the same goal. Through the incorporation of language learning tools in classic games, this device tells an intriguing story in order to acquaint the learner with the language. Cards being the anchor product, teach languages through stories and visuals. The independent learning system aims to preserve the spirit of traditional toys and games by reinventing classic games and adding a learning twist to them!

In a fast-paced market, innovation is a pre-requisite for any company to succeed. Some innovators fail in selling their product and some visionary minds do a successful job at creating an impact in the society. Solution Bar at Sharaf DG brings to you some of the best innovations that have been approved by ingenious minds. Experience the most creative solutions and award-winning innovations from all across the world at Solution Bar!

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