Time is precious, use Infinitton to save it!

World’s Smartest Keyboard

Infinitton is the world’s first intelligent screen keyboard with 15 physical keys that consist of programmable images and functions. This product can be used by designers, musicians, traders, architects, engineers, video designers, programmers or anyone else who uses different types of software. By using the most powerful 4.3-inch screen keyboard ever, you can control any third-party application, and Infinitton’s interface will automatically change to create a fantastic user experience. Unlike our conventional keyboards,

Infinitton Sharaf DG Keyboard Specifications

Infinitton lets you do more than you’ve ever done before with one single press.

Let’s take a look at its various uses!

Gaming Away…
Infinitton will be helpful to gamers to succeed and pass through the various levels of competition. They need to remember all those hotkeys and shortcuts, which can now be done by using Infinitton’s configurator. The keyboard can be set to display customized important information. In addition to this, a layer can be linked to an application such that they launch when you press a specific key.

Infintton Gif

A Regular Assistant’s Keyboard
The Infinitton looks like a regular assistant’s keyboard and can be easily adapted to meet the user’s needs and preferences, making the computer-using experience much more manageable.

This device avoids the hassles that come with traditional keyboards. Instead of looking for applications and functions on your laptop or PC, you can quickly press and select them on this device, as it already displays all the apps on your laptop. Once you have entered this application, you can now get an idea of all the functions that are available under that particular application. So, now you do not need to waste time looking for tools or functions. You can simply find everything displayed on Infinitton and all you need to do is press that button.

Infinitton is useful in numerous ways. To start with, it minimizes time spent on the laptop or PC, hence, leading to the devotion of time to other important tasks of the day. Secondly, one can easily concentrate more on the assigned, delegated or self-appointed task because the method of doing it is defined and much more efficient, thanks to Infinitton. Lastly, this keyboard is not only small in size, making it portable, but it can also be connected to whichever device you wish to use at that moment. The buttons can change their functions according to the task or device it is being used for, for example, gaming purposes, office work, editing (options like crop, bold, underline, italics, etc. are available), research software and so on.application UI

Today, the digital shift is compelling every individual to leave behind the traditional ways of carrying out their daily activities, starting from digitizing simple processes like grocery shopping to infusing technology as a core component in industries like construction, agriculture and electronics. When everyone is doing it, don’t you think you should do it too? Go to your nearest Solution Bar (by Sharaf DG) store and buy Infinitton. Don’t worry, we will make sure that you experience the product and its features thoroughly before you decide to purchase it!

Don’t believe us? Check out a preview here…

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