Your Everyday Chessboard with a Tech-Twist!

Welcome to the world of Artificial Intelligence! Here, in this world, you get the opportunity to play a different style of chess. Well, what is so unique about chess in this world? As some people have commented after using this product, “It’s the Harry Potter Wizard Chess”; this game is the amalgamation of the classic chessboard with a technological twist. The founders of Square Off, Bhavya Gohil & Aatur Mehta from Mumbai, have come up with a revolutionary style of playing this age-old game. You can either play against the automated chess board or you can also challenge any online opponent across the globe from the 21+ million chess lovers community.

Instead of playing chess online on your phones, tablets or PC’s, let’s take it a step further and bring back those charming days when chess was played on its traditional form factor. Amongst its many features, Square Off allows saving and loading an incomplete game in case you have to rush off to somewhere in between. This gives you a chance to review your performance and train your mind to think of the consequences that come with a particular move before you make it.

Square Off 1

Well, this product does a great job at making you better at your game. How exactly does that happen? So, when you are playing against the board itself, you can choose from 20 different difficulty levels. Every time you feel that you are progressing well at your game, challenge yourself by taking the game a notch higher!

In addition to this, each time you make a technical error, you will receive audio feedback alerting you about your mistake. You can get all the instructions through the Square Off application. This feature appeals to the non-chess players as well because, to them, it becomes a medium of learning. As for experienced and skillful chess players, this product is the perfect opportunity to learn a killer new move, train yourself and learn from your mistakes by analyzing every move.

When in the mood to just watch a game and learn from the best Chess players from across the globe, you can tune into any match worldwide and replay it whenever you want. The company behind this revolutionary product, InfiVention, has ensured a straightforward setup process and a long-lasting battery life of up to 30 games.

Whether you have to select sides (black or white), difficulty levels, opening moves of computer, challenge friends, analyze games, use the timer or chat with the opponent, everything is controlled through the application, offering utmost convenience to whoever uses it!

Square Off, the tech-savvy chess product, is being talked about all over the world by all the famous and relevant media figures and you shouldn’t miss out on the hype. Go to your nearest Solution Bar by Sharaf DG store to buy this product!

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