Smartclean Eyeglasses Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ready On-The-Go!

In situations where you have to rush to some party or occasion but the watch or the earrings that you’re supposed to wear are not in the perfect condition, what do you really do? Yes, you can borrow another pair of these accessories from your roommate or friend, but the one you have goes perfectly with your outfit and bag. Well, this is where Smartclean Eyeglasses Ultrasonic Cleaner Vision.5 comes in! This product helps you to get rid of the dirt, dust and other germs from your watches, earrings, eyeglasses, etc. These accessories are difficult to clean with tissues or a plain piece of cloth. This device uses ultrasonic cleaning to make the accessory as clean as a pebble. Smartclean Ultrasonic Eyeglass Cleaner comes with a fashionable design, is light weight and a portable tank. It can fit in your bag, making it super convenient for you to take it wherever you want to. Another question that you might have in the mind must be, “How exactly is this product different from the conventional ultrasonic devices available in the market?”. Unlike the ultrasonic devices in the market, this particular device is portable. Buy this product from your nearest Solution Bar store by Sharaf DG in order to be able to get ready on-the-go!

Smartclean 1


You’ve been working in the office for the past 6 hours, which is making you drowsy and leading you to take small naps in every half an hour. You sleep off with your eyeglasses on and once you wake up, you are left with stains and hand marks on your spectacles. Well, you could go to the washroom, wash it with water and then clean it with a tissue paper or cloth. Although, realistically, this does not even remove half of the dirt or stains visible on the glasses. So, now, are you thinking of going to the nearest optical store in order to get it cleaned? This idea proves to be completely impractical, longer and costlier. You’ve been hearing a lot lately about this product that cleans eyeglasses and other accessories in 2-3 minutes and its feature that excites you the most is the fact that it is portable. You decide to give it a try! After doing so, you realize that the cost actually overweighs the benefits. But, HOW SO? This one-time investment allows easy and professional cleaning of eye glasses. All you have to do is fill tap water into the tank of the device. The product will generate ultrasound vibration forming numerous bubbles. These bubbles collapse and produce shock waves which shake off all the unwanted particles, including dust and dirt. After using this device, you have spick-and-span and spotless eyeglasses that can now be worn comfortably!

Hey there, Tech-Lover!

Smartclean Eyeglasses Ultrasonic Cleaner Vision.5 is the perfect product for tech-lovers. The most significant industry that is moving forward as a result of the revolutionary role that technology is playing in all sectors is the electronics industry. This is good news for all the tech-geeks because they now have a plethora of options to choose from whilst browsing for their prospective purchases. So, here, introducing to all our beloved tech-addicts, Smartclean brings to you the Eyeglasses Ultrasonic Cleaner Vision.5 that enhances the quality of eyeglasses, watch, earrings and other related accessories by emitting ultrasonic waves, producing bubbles, and ultimately, shaking off the unwanted particles. This product is patented; hence, you will not find this anywhere else. In addition to this, it’s fashionable design comes in four different colors, namely, navy blue, sharp red, light green and sky blue. It is portable, giving you a chance to carry it wherever you wish to. Also, it only requires the use of tap water, the rest will be handled by the product and the strong system built within. Are you excited? Rush to your nearest Solution Bar by Sharaf DG store and pick this product before it goes out of stock!

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