To all Fitness Enthusiasts!

Hey, good morning! It’s a lovely day as you’ve been working out for a long time now and today is the day to check how fit you have become. A few days ago, your friend had lent you her Actofit SmartScale. She, being a fitness enthusiast, had spoken highly about it which is why you were keen on giving it a try. You pull the device out to measure your weight and you experience something surprising.

Actofit SmartScale did not just measure your weight, but it also measured your BMI, BMR, body fat percentage and eleven other body parameters in just 25 seconds that too at the convenience of your home. It allows you to be completely precise about how your body is functioning on a daily basis as the insights that you draw from the given information on Actofit SmartScale are innumerable. Its ease-of-use, long product life cycle and highly reliable link system (Bluetooth), are the added benefits that you can experience upon purchasing this product. This method is more accurate and reliable than traditional analysis methods. So, now, you can set your goals and achieve them by getting a clearer picture of your health and body.

Your Health Indicator!

Generations have passed by since the first human was born, and great discoveries have been made. Some of the most significant innovations have pertained to fitness and how it has evolved over the course of time. Solution Bar brings to you, one of the smartest things you’ll ever step foot on, an amazing opportunity to keep track of your body and stay fit at ALL TIMES! Well, all of us know by now, staying in shape and eating healthy is the most important predictor of well-being and happiness. Actofit SmartScale helps you achieve this by measuring your BMI, metabolic age, muscle mass, visceral fat, subcutaneous fat, physique rating, BMR, body water, skeletal muscle, fat-free weight, bone mass and yes, of course, your weight.

When this device syncs to your app, it converts your statistics into trend graphs that help you see your long-term progress and analyze if you are actually achieving the results that you aim to achieve.

This product comes with a polished glass surface with a white finish and a thin design making it look stylish and portable! It can be used by multiple people at the same time as the weighing scale recognizes up to 8 different users, keeping your progress safe at all times. What’s next? You can set up your SmartScale using your smartphone’s Bluetooth connection and then it will automatically sync your statistics when you use it. This device also gives you a chance to connect your progress with the Actofit application, so you can share the same and compete with your friends as well!


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