Our Newest Addition: Ambi Climate 2

Aren’t there days when you’ve worked out too much and want your room to be as cold as Siberia? Or, do you ever wake up at night sweating realizing that the temperature is too high?

Meet the world’s first artificially intelligent accessory for air conditioners-Ambi Climate 2! The founders of Ambi Climate believe that this device will help in achieving personalized comfort through the use of Artificial Intelligence. Ambi Climate 2 learns about your comfort preferences through the use of various sensors that analyze this information by means of their proficient machine learning software. This device optimally adjusts your environment according to your needs and wishes, without you having to do anything!

Well, the world is obsessed with smartphones, smart homes, smart cities and many such other smart devices. With the use of this device, discover a whole new level of SMART! And what really is the USP of this service? Control and monitor the device on-the-go from wherever you are.

Now let’s look at the ways in which Ambi Climate can prove to be of use to you! All around the world, changes in weather have led to an increasing need for air conditioners and thermostats. In the morning before you leave for work, it might be as sunny as Hawaii so you might turn up the air conditioner. When you come back from work, the weather might be windy and chilly, as a result, entering a cold house will become highly uncomfortable for you. Let’s face it, constantly adjusting your air conditioner to meet your needs can be quite frustrating. Our AC cannot do this automatically, which is why Ambi Climate comes with the perfect solution.

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the nightAmbi Climate-02
wondering as to why your feet are so cold? We often see that people find it hard to sleep at night because the temperate does not suit their body. While our AC is usually set at the same temperature, our body temperate and the external temperature keep fluctuating throughout the night. Ambi Climate 2 automatically sets the temperature according to your needs, without you having to get up and change the settings.

Every morning, all of us are in a hurry to reach our school or workplace. We often forget to switch off the electricity. In such situations, Ambi Climate helps save electricity by offering various integrations and features, such as geo-location, Comfort Mode & Away Mode. This will result in a 30% off on your electricity bill. Help yourself by paying less and at the same time, do Mother Earth a favor! Moreover, when you’re traveling, Ambi Climate’s ‘Away Mode’ takes the stress out of traveling by keeping your home safe under preset conditions, with temperature or humidity thresholds. If your pet is at home, or if your children are at home and you’re out on a business trip, Ambi Climate can adjust to their temperature needs, giving you the liberty to work and not worry constantly!

Visit the Solution Bar to experience this award-winning innovation right now.

“This is an intuitive, palpably intelligent technology. A real innovation.” – Financial Times

 “The Ambi Climate provides a simpler way to clever cooling.” – Mashable

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