With the Flic of a button!

Imagine if you didn’t have to take your phone out for every little thing? Introducing a simpler way to interact with your devices, Solution Bar brings to you the wireless smart button, Flic. This simple and stylish device is a Bluetooth button that gives you control over smart devices with the push of a single button. With just one touch, you can turn the lights on, start the music when you enter your house, snooze your alarm, track your health through your exercise regime, and well, the possibilities are endless.

Flic 1

How does one set this up? Thankfully, unlike other complicated devices in the stores, Flic can get connected to your Android or iOS device within a few seconds. So, instead of going through your phone for something, just press the button and it’s DONE! Once you finish the set-up process using the Flic application, you can place the button on any device that you wish to control. Fun Fact? You can even share the Flic button with your roommate or family member when you are not around!

Flic isn’t just for your house! Well, you can stick it on your car or your bike and navigate your way to a doctor’s appointment, work or class. This high-tech button will work just like the Google Maps and help you reach your destination on time. You always don’t have to stick it somewhere, you can also clip this button on your t-shirt or belt! Innovative, right? It doesn’t end here, Flic can be integrated with lots of different services beyond your device. Press the button and get a taxi booked for yourself!

Flic uses three types of trigger inputs: click, double click or hold. In addition to this, the button is completely yours to customize as you can add as many actions as you want for each input trigger. Okay, let’s say that you can operate the lights in your house using your smartphone. But don’t you have to dig through your phone to get to the function? With Flic, you can easily control all your smart home functions using an accessible button located wherever you need it. With just a click, Flic can share your phone’s GPS location with your family and friends so that they know about your whereabouts.


Lastly, who doesn’t love taking selfies? Put your phone on the shelf and call everyone for a memorable picture. Flic will be your photographer and this smart button will take a picture for you without you having to be near your phone. Aren’t you impressed? Well, we certainly are, which is why we introduce to you our latest addition to the May 2018 collection, Flic!





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