Be Like George!

George, an average tech-savvy man, lives in Dubai where he works in a big company. He stays close to his office with his wife and two kids. Being a busy man, he hardly gets a chance to pay attention to his health and spend time with his family. Yet, he realizes the role that technology plays in the lives of the millennials and decides to be a part of this digital shift by embracing technology!

He wakes up in the morning to the alarm sound of his hybrid SmartWatch, ZeTime by MyKronoz. Not only does this alarm wake him up, but it also reminds him of all the meetings that he has lined up in the day. With the influx of technology, it has become easier for him to take care of his health, which is how, he keeps a track of his pulse rate, calorie intake, and steps covered. Now that he feels energized after the work-out, he decides to spend time with his children. He pulls out Pearl’s Play & Learn Educational Learning Games! He understands the importance of surviving in a highly progressive world and wants his children to learn a variety of languages to be able to call themselves multilingual once they grow up. This device aims to teach and enhance the learner’s language skills through the incorporation of language learning tools in classic games.

He drops his children to school and heads to the office. I forgot to mention this before, but George is a Solutions Engineer. As soon as he reaches his desk, he activates Infinitton. Infinitton is the world’s first intelligent screen keyboard with 15 physical keys that consist of programmable images and functions. Compatible with any laptop or PC, not only is Infinitton portable but also avoids the operational hassles of traditional keyboards. George prefers using the same as it saves time and at the same time, makes it extremely convenient for him to browse through and select the required function.

He gets a notification on his smartphone via the Ring application saying that there is someone outside his door who is ringing the bell. With his wife out for grocery shopping and his kids at school, who will answer the door? Well, he has nothing to worry about! Ring’s Video Doorbell 2 makes it easy for him to talk to the person outside his door through his smartphone. He can see the person and realizes that it’s his friend, Ana. He reminds her that there is a dinner party at his place today.

George is tired after the two meetings that he had to attend with his boss. He can’t see properly through his glasses because of the dust and sandstorms taking place outside. He knows that his glasses cannot be cleaned using water and a tissue. There are many stains and dirt spots not visible to the naked eye that he probably cannot remove. Well, you should know this by now, George plays smart and uses the Smartclean Ultrasonic Eye Cleaner. He puts his spectacles in the device and the ultrasonic waves make his glasses spick and span. Now he has nothing to worry about!

It’s around 2 pm and his kids are now home. He wants to check up on them but cannot go home between work. What other optimal option does George have? He uses Ring’s Spotlight Camera in order to keep a check on his children who are playing outside the house. He can easily talk to them through the camera and make them feel like he’s always around. This device ensures a ring of safety around your kids, they are always protected from any unforeseeable harm.

Now, it’s time to head home for George. Although, it can get too crowded on the streets around 6 pm, which is why, to get the shortest route out, he uses Flic, the wireless smart button, as his GPS. Flic lets you create a shortcut to his favorite actions so that he does not have to touch his phone! With just one click command he can trigger dozens of actions at once and not just navigation. George is back home and extremely happy to see his children after a tiring day of work! Even though he feels like resting, he wants to spend more time with his children. Here comes another innovative product, Anki! Meet the best friend of George’s family, an adorable robot, a toy and a pet that you can talk to and play with for hours every day with your children. The robot uses AI to teach basic coding to kids using the Code Lab. He loves the idea of mixing fun with learning and so do his children!

George’s wife is going to come late because she has an important presentation that she has to deliver single-handedly the next day, for which she wants to prepare. Although, at night, how does he know whether it’s his wife entering the house or some intruder? Using Ring’s Floodlight Cam, he can communicate with his wife as he can see her on his smartphone via the Ring application. The floodlights make it easier for him to get clear HD images on his phone even though its dark outside. It’s safer to ensure who is entering your house, during the day or at night too! If it were someone else he didn’t know, he could’ve easily selected the siren alarm feature through his smartphone, causing the intruder to run away in order to save his life!

I hope you didn’t forget! George has friends coming over tonight! It’s a small get-together with of 3-4 friends and he is looking forward to it. Dinner is ready, although, he is still in double minds with the plans for entertainment. They can go out for a movie but then why worry when you have the Aiptek Boombox Projector (P800)? This device has a high-quality large screen for movie nights with friends & family. It is a projector, that you can use through wireless casting, with 8 speakers, and that provides a sound system, creating a 360-degree sound experience!

In case you didn’t realize, all these products are the latest new additions for May to Solution Bar’s collection of the most innovative electronics that exist in the world. The way George’s life has been made easy through the use of these gadgets, make your life simpler too! #BeLikeGeorge






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