Feel music anywhere!

Music is therapy, it makes one feel better in ways, not even chocolate can! So, instead of just listening to music on our headphones, why don’t we feel the music? HUMU Smart Cushion by Flexound makes this possible. This intriguing product makes you hear the audio and feel the sound waves coming out of the cushion. It ensures total immersion into your favorite song through the usage of high-quality surround-type stereo sound. Instead of using headphones or earphones, take a step further into this era’s digital shift and feel the physical vibrations of the sound waves. You just have to connect your device via Bluetooth or an AUX cable! Using this device, you will be able to experience the music as though you are hearing it live at some concert or studio. If you’re a tech-savvy person who happens to love music, head to your nearest Solution Bar by Sharaf DG store to buy the HUMU Smart Cushion by Flexound.


Music Therapy Sessions!

What is Music Therapy? A type of expressive arts therapy that uses music to improve and maintain the physical, psychological and social well-being of a person. Through singing or listening to music, you can relax your brain, venture into a whole new world of thoughts and take a peek at your hidden feelings and true emotions.

HUMU Smart Cushion by Flexound is a device that helps in achieving the benefits of music therapy through creating a high-quality surround-type stereo sound like you’ve never heard before. Then, play songs according to your mood and embark on an amazing musical experience. Feeling calm? Want to know how the sound of sea waves in your favorite track might feel like on your skin? HUMU Smart Cushion sets your senses in perfect harmony with your mood by releasing relaxing soundwaves.

In a world full of noises, this product helps you sit in your house, or lie down in the garden facing the sky and meditate. Sometimes, when your life takes a busy course, it can get too hard to understand and feel your real thoughts and emotions. Get in touch with your inner-self and be mindful of each and everything that you experience in your daily life. Ultimately, this exercise ensures stability and calmness in life, which inevitably leads to better results and aids in the achievement of your goals!

Game Away!

Are you a gaming freak? Ever feel like going to Disney Land or Universal Studios to experience the sound effects of those famous 3D shows like it was happening in front of you?

Well, you can now experience the same sitting at your homes too! Select your favorite game, connect your smartphone to the HUMU Smart Cushion by Flexound via Bluetooth and start playing the game. Put your head on the cushion, experience the sound effects of the game and prepare to be amazed! You will feel like you’re on the actual battle field, fighting with enemies or probably chasing coins and running away from those demons that will make you lose your points. HUMU Smart Cushion takes gaming to a completely new level and a gaming lover would be sure to not miss this worthwhile experience!

Are you a movie maniac? Would you love to get a home theatre system in your house where you’d probably sit all day long binge-watching the most trending series?

Immerse into your favorite action-packed, rom-com or tragic movie by using Flexound’s HUMU Smart Cushion. Create a home theatre for yourself, although, remember that you can carry this small cushion anywhere including your garden, nearby park, movie nights at your best friend’s house or perhaps, your study meetings. The 3D sounds let you experience an unbeatable feeling around you, from the right direction!



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