Pearl’s Play & Learn Educational Learning Games

In an era of disruptive technologies, Gamification, the use of gaming applications in non-gaming contexts, is revolutionizing the way products are bought and used. According to Gartner, 80% of learners say that their productivity increases if their learning curve involved more game-like activities. The education industry is increasingly adopting Gamification in many innovative ways. One such example pertains to Pearl’s Play & Learn Educational Learning Games. This device aims to teach and enhance the learner’s language skills in a very easy and fun way, by incorporating language learning tools in classic games. Instead of spending time in front of the TV, laptop or phone to learn a language, play your favorite games with family, friends or even when you’re alone, and reach the same goal. The experience becomes interesting and easier through games like Puzzle Cubes, Playing Cards and Snakes and Ladders, which increases the levels of engagement and motivates the learner to do better in the next round. Increased productivity naturally leads to better results and a diverse skill set.

In today’s dynamic world, there is cutting edge competition wherever one goes. Growth and development are ongoing processes with a continuous scope for improvement. Employers are increasingly looking to hire people with diverse skill sets. For example, Goldman Sachs requires about half of their employees to demonstrate fluency in a second language. Studies show that the number of millennials who speak a second language has increased 73% from 2003 and a whopping 80% of millennials agreed that they experienced a significant increase in confidence levels as a result of foreign language training. In today’s competitive and self-image-focused world, being multilingual is important and we believe that the training for the same must be started at an early age itself. Sharaf DG’s Solution Bar comes up with an extremely innovative way of learning different languages for children. Pearl’s Play & Learn aims to teach and enhance your language skills in an easy and fun way. Through the incorporation of language learning tools in classic games, this device tells an intriguing story in order to acquaint the learner with the language. Cards being the anchor product teaches languages through stories and visuals. The independent learning system aims to preserve the spirit of traditional toys and games by reinventing classic games and adding a learning twist to them!

Children, only?

My job has given me the opportunity to explore many places in this world. For someone like me who keeps travelling for business purposes, it is very important to be able to converse in different languages. Through my social circle, I heard about a device that teaches and enhances one’s language skills by incorporating language learning tools in classic games. At first when I visited the well-recommended Solution Bar store in Times Square Centre with my son, the privy salesman explained the product features with a hands-on showcase of the device. After giving it some thought and realizing the importance of acquiring diverse skill sets at an early age, I bought the Pearl’s Play & Learn device for my son. The 360° immersive and unassisted language learning-through-play device, with in-built speakers and a collection of around 5000 books, developed a keen interest, in my child, towards languages. The use of games impacted his learning process greatly as it increased his engagement level and instilled a sense of confidence in him. Gradually, I started picking up on some words from different languages. Nowadays, I have increasingly started using this device; there is no harm is acquiring knowledge, even if the portal is meant for smaller age groups! In addition to observing a steep rise in my son’s learning curve, I have realized that there is no need for a language tutor when you have the option of owning Pearl’s Play & Learn product.

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