5 Wearables to Enhance Your Everyday Life

HōYō Real-Time Gaming Smartwatch


Use the power of exciting live games to stay more fit in your everyday life with this gaming smartwatch. This wearable takes health and safety management to a new level altogether. There’s also a panic button you can use during emergencies. It does automated calls to emergency services and sends SOS messages to preset contacts. Along with this, the watch also provides location and situation analyses at HoYo Safety Center using GPS, audio, and video sent by the watch.

Waterfi Waterproof Short Cord Headphones


If you like to burn those calories with swimming, this pair of headphones is a must-have on your ears for some musical inspiration. They are compatible for use even 10-feet underwater which makes the headphones highly versatile for swimmers. Additionally, the cord length is also short (just 11-inch) which keeps these headphones tangle-free.

SHIFT Band Performance Band for Smartwatches


Working out with a smartwatch will be even more efficient if you have this SHIFT Band on your wrist. It is compatible with most popular fitness tracking wearables such as the Apple Watch, Garmin Fenix 3, Suunto, Pebble, and more. The device wraps around your wrist as well as your thumb to place your device on the corner of your hand. That way, you’ll get to work out comfortably with a periodic reference to your smartwatch whenever necessary.

Cinera Immersive Personal Theater Headset


VR headsets are taking over the way we have been consuming digital content till now. This personal theater headset is one such example. It offers an impeccable 5K UHD display on a giant screen through the use of two screens. This dual-screen solution gives each eye its own display and light path. As a result, you get to view vibrant and vivid 3D images. Watching a movie will never feel the same anymore.

GlassOuse Hands-Free Assistive Device


What would it feel like if you could control everything around you without your hand? Sounds weird at first but this head-mounted display will use only your head movements to control your electronic devices. There’s a built-in motion sensor which converts your head movements to move the pointer.

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