Keep Your Cool!

A team of researchers, designers and engineers challenged the air conditioning industry by asking an interesting and eye-opening question, ‘Is it necessary to cool the entire room?’. Well, after putting together their brilliant minds, they came up with a solution, in the form of a product! evaLIGHT by Evapolar by Evapolar, your first personal portable air conditioner, humidifies, purifies and chills the air down to 17 degrees Celsius. How does this portable device work? Just fill the removable tank with water and connect the device to a power outlet. Around 10 minutes later, experience the cooling effect on your skin!

So, why should we pay attention to this new innovation? Why should you feel the need to buy it?

During distressful summers, evaLIGHT by Evapolar uses natural evaporative cooling effect to drop the air temperature and during shivery winters, it also humidifies the air. In addition to taking care of your needs according to the weather, evaLIGHT filters out dust particles to increase the air quality for better breathing. Consuming only 10W of electricity, this device is eco-friendly in all ways as it uses fully biodegradable evaporative pads. Stylish and elegant in its design, Evalight helps make your skin and hair look beautiful always by using the humidifier mode, even in a dry environment.

Evapolar 1After the successful 2015 Indiegogo campaign, evaLIGHT received tremendous support from 6000 early adopters and raised a whopping amount of $1 million. This idea stems out of a concept, named Personal Microclimate, that aims to make everyone’s lives easier and cooler with this proficient device.

According to statistics, buildings, both residential and commercial, waste 30% of electricity on an average. Although shockingly, people do not realize the implications of their careless actions. Yes, before leaving your house or office, you might forget to switch off the light which costs you a higher amount. But, think of the bigger picture! Despite the fact that we are letting go off valuable non-renewable resources on a daily basis, we aren’t doing anything to make a difference and change.

Some people argue that technology has led to a greater wastage of all these resources. Although Evapolar incorporated smart technology into its device, Evalight, it is here to prove you wrong! This device allows you to save electricity and cool your surroundings according to your position and a plethora of modes that let you choose the mode you desire as per your body requirements.

Solution Bar by Sharaf DG has continuously tried to bring out the most innovative products for its customers. Ranging from an artificially intelligent chess board to an automated robot that teaches your child how to code, Solution Bar has tried to expand its horizon by incorporating fascinating and state-of-the-art innovation. So, for your tech-minds benefit and satisfaction, we request you to experience this device by rushing to your nearest Solution Bar store. Discover, Experience & Live Technology!

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