Behind The Scenes!

Solution Bar, a unique concept introduced by Sharaf DG, brings out the latest innovations from all over the world. Like any other retailer, their sole aim is not to sell the product, they want you to experience the product from start to end. Although, we keep talking about experience, how exactly do we do this? Solution Bar passionately trains sales executives from scratch, such that they can help you experience the real essence of the product and enjoy it! Let’s take a look at what some of these executives want to say!

Ali Raza, the first sales executive that we interviewed, had a number of insights he wanted to share, but we started off with the simplest yet the trickiest question.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-22 at 3.56.52 PMWhat did you like most about Solution Bar?

Here, at Solution Bar, you are always experiencing new innovative technologies. We get to engage with a number of customers and getting their feedback is one of the most interesting processes! This concept is diversified, flexible and like a discovery zone. Every time a customer visits there is some new innovative product to discover.

What are the top 3 products that the customers love to purchase?

Speaking from experience, Square Off is the most desirable product. The automated chess board makes you feel as if you’re playing with a ghost, and honestly, what can be more thrilling than that? Secondly, Actofit Smart Scale is widely accepted by the customers as it highlights the importance of health by covering 14 parameters of the human body. People have increasingly started monitoring their health these days. The third most desired product by the customers is the Biostrap. The advanced fitness tracker covers your heart rate variabilities and tracks your movements on an hourly basis.

Our next sales executive that we interviewed, Sabiradin Miiro, was happy to tell us about his hobbies. Whenever he gets a day off, he packs his bags and decides to travel to some new place. Binge watching movies and learning about the newest additions to the market are things that make him rejoice his life! He is a complete gadget lover and loves to know about the latest technologies erupting in the market. He agrees with Ali and believes that Square Off is the number one trending product amongst customers.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-22 at 3.23.53 PMMiiro, while working at Sharaf DG’s outlet in the Mall of Emirates, revealed the secret as to why Solution Bar is loved by all. According to Miiro, customers love the way the product and its USP’s (unique selling proposition) are illustrated and explained to them. They love to experience the product vs just looking at the packaging and understanding.  Moreover, these products are so new to the market that the customer, instantaneously, develops a special interest towards them as they find it extremely intriguing. Miiro claims that on a daily basis, there are many customers who visit the stores. Once they are introduced to Solution Bar they keep coming even more often. They like the fact that they can find products that are unique and innovative.

Well, we carried on our interview spree and interviewed another one of our supremely talented sales executives, Mir Alamdar Abbas. He took up this job because he was amazed after reading about this concept. Upon trying the various products, he discovered their uniqueness and wanted to support Solution Bar in their initiative to bring out these innovative products to the public.

Solution Bar expertAccording to Abbas, his customer’s favourite picks amongst Solution Bar’s products are the Actofit Smart Scale and of-course, Square Off! When asked about the reason for his preference, he said that “Actofit SmartScale helps you achieve an optimal state of well-being by measuring your BMI, metabolic age, muscle mass, visceral fat, subcutaneous fat, physique rating, BMR, body water, skeletal muscle, fat-free weight, bone mass and weight. When this device syncs to your app, it converts your statistics into trend graphs that help you see your long-term progress and analyze if you are actually achieving the results that you aim to achieve. Not only will this product help you, but also the elderly members in your family because it is imperative for them to make sure that they are healthy and avoid all those factors that might cause them health issues. Secondly, I like Square Off because it’s magic. Simple!”

Abbas has developed a keen interest towards playing cricket and listening to music. When he is not working, he loves making new friends and interacting with different people. He enjoys working at Solution Bar and most of all, the part he loves the most is the demonstration of the key features of a product to the customers. He loves to see the expression on the customers face when he introduces them to the innovative products.

Solution Bar’s sales executives work hard everyday in order to make the customer believe in these state-of-the-art products that are revolutionizing the way we look at things. #WeThankYou

Do visit your nearest Solution Bar by Sharaf DG store to experience some of the coolest products you’ve ever seen!

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