Meet Your Pocket Companion!

Are you confident that the air that you breathe is clean? According to a research carried out by the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 9 out of 10 of the world’s population lives in places where air population exceeds safe limits. Are you living in one of those places?

Did you know? According to the World Economic Forum, air pollution is the fourth-largest threat to human health. Under these circumstances, don’t you think it’s important to ensure that the air you breathe is safe, irrespective of your location or daily routine?

Well, in order to avoid breathing unclean air, people wear masks every single day and they only take them off when they are retiring for the day. But don’t you think that this is inconvenient?

Once again, Solution Bar has an exciting product to offer! Sprimo, a personal air monitor, easily plugs into your iPhone or iPad and gives you real-time readings of air quality, humidity, and temperature. This portable device, which is as small as your house key, will definitely become your pocket companion. You can take it anywhere you want and use it on the go!

Sprimo 1

You might not know this, but the household cleaners, polishes and paints that you use can often emit poisonous gases. But how do you measure this? Sprimo gives you an answer to this simple yet complicated question “how strong are these gases?”. This monitor notifies you when you’re surrounded by harmful second-hand smoke, fumes and pungent smell that you would definitely not want around you.

In addition to this, Sprimo tells you about the condition of the atmosphere surrounding you when you are inside your house. On the basis of the same, you can clean and monitor your personal indoor air space. This is the perfect solution for us as it gives us an amazing opportunity to take care of our health wherever we go, be it a hotel, garden, nearby city, classroom, workplace, etc.


You might not live in the most polluted city of the world, but this doesn’t mean that you are not surrounded by unappealing, smelly and harmful air all around you. You probably cannot do much about the air surrounding you outside your house, which is why Sprimo fills up this gap by letting you track the air that you breathe, wherever you go!

Sprimo 5

Rush to the nearest Solution Bar by Sharaf DG store to experience this product and incorporate this fantastic innovation into your daily lives!

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