Ramadan Kareem!

Ramadan Kareem! Ramadan is here and we, Solution Bar, cannot wait to reveal the top three presents that you can gift to your closest circle this festive season.


How do you feel about gifting your loved ones something special, something that will take care of them in every walk of life? Presenting to you, an amazing opportunity to keep track of your body and stay fit at ALL TIMES! Actofit SmartScale does not just measure your weight, but it also measures your BMI, BMR, body fat percentage and eleven other body parameters. It allows you to be completely precise about how your body is functioning on a daily basis as the insights that you draw from the given information on Actofit SmartScale are innumerable. Its ease-of-use, long product cycle and highly reliable link system (Bluetooth), are the added benefits that you get awarded with upon purchasing this product. This method is more accurate and reliable than traditional analysis methods!

Which is that one of the best companies that ensures 100% security? Ring owned by Amazon! To start with, let’s take a look at Ring’s Spotlight Cam Battery. This battery-powered HD camera with two-way talk and spotlights makes monitoring your property at any time of the day from your phone, tablet or PC possible. Another famous product that is sold by Ring is the Floodlight Cam; this product is the world’s only motion-activated HD security camera with built-in floodlights and a siren alarm. How convenient would it be if you could watch over your home and answer the door from your phone? Video Doorbell 2 by Ring gives the home owner an opportunity to get instant alerts on their phone, tablet or PC when someone presses the doorbell and enables you to interact with them even if you are not at home. Surround your loved ones with a ‘RING’ of security and keep them safe!

Square Off 1

Our last, but not the least, recommended gift for Ramadan is the one and only, Square Off! Instead of playing chess online on your phones, tablets or PC’s, let’s take it a step further and bring back those charming days when chess was played on its traditional form factor. You do not need an opponent to play against you even if you are alone This revolutionary chess board allows the computer to make moves against you. Amongst its many features, Square Off allows saving and loading an incomplete game in case you have rush off to somewhere in between. This gives you a chance to review your performance and train your mind to think of the consequences that come with a particular move before you make it. In addition to this, each time you make a technical error, you will receive audio feedback alerting you about your mistake. You can get all the instructions through the Square Off application. This feature appeals to the non-chess players as well because, to them, it becomes a medium of learning. As for experienced and skillful chess players, this product is the perfect opportunity to learn a killer new move, train yourself and learn from your mistakes by analyzing every move. Square Off, the tech-savvy chess product, is being talked about all over the world and you shouldn’t miss out on this award-winning product.

Make your loved ones feel special and gift them something meaningful! Don’t forget to check out many of the latest additions to our Solution Bar by Sharaf DG store.

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