5 Gadgets You Need in Your Home

Depict Digital Artwork Frame

Depict frame

Displaying your favorite artwork in the house just got a whole lot easier with this digital artwork frame. It has a 49-inch museum-quality display that connects to your smartphone to showcase your favorite digital art. The adorable frame uses 4K ultra HD resolution with the finest details. And, best of all, you can to change out the artwork whenever you want by using the iOS App.

Teptron MOVE Bluetooth Blinds Motorteptron

Constantly adjusting your blinds and shades throughout the day can be a tedious task. But now with this smart blinds motor, you can do it right from your smartphone. All you have to do is latch the device onto your existing chain, pair it with the app, and control it directly from your smartphone.

Mango Mirror Smart Mirror

Mango mirror

From your health to your fitness schedule, now there’s a mirror that can display all of your most important information. You’ll get to see the most vital health-related data as you look into the mirror. You can also select the apps and services you want to see from the corresponding mobile app. Morning multitasking is now easier than ever.

Starry Station – The Ambient Touchscreen Wi-Fi Station

Starry station

Having a smooth internet connection is a must for literally our tech-savvy homes today. And with this Wi-Fi station, you can make sure it’s the fastest. The Starry Station allows you to view and fix connectivity problems within the app. You can even provide login details to guests and manage how many devices are connected.

Elgato Eve Weather – Wireless Outdoor Sensor with Apple HomeKit Technology


Taking advantage of Apple’s revolutionary HomeKit technology, you can now access personal weather right from your phone. From air quality, temperature, humidity, air pressure, energy consumption, and more, this sensor gathers all of the information right outside your front door.

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