Anywhere Anyware!

Imagine a product that could help you strengthen your home security and even help your kids go to bed on time. Solution Bar introduces to you the Anyware Smart Adaptor, the world’s smartest and smallest lamp socket adaptor. This smart device enables

  • Advanced lighting control & dimming;
  • Fixes temperature;
  • Humidity sensor;
  • Sound & ambient light sensor;
  • Automates functionality based on ‘geofencing’.

Anyware Smart Adapter 1The offerings provided by this device are harnessed by the Anyware Smart Adaptor application. It comes with a set of built-in functions, such as intrusion detection, preventive burglar control, energy saving mode and indoor climate monitoring. Once the application is downloaded and configured, you can simply connect the Anyware Smart Adaptor App and fit the device into your lamp.

When you are away from home, you will have Home Security services in the Anyware application designed to give you peace of mind and protect your home from burglary. When you are at home, you will have lighting control functionality and Indoor Climate Monitoring services designed to assists you in your routine work and notify you when you need to know. Think of it as a ‘set-and-forget’ system that you don’t have to interact with all the time. It will let you know, when you need to know based on the routines and pre-sets you initially set up.

Anyware smart adaptor

As easy as fitting a light bulb this ONE device, the Anyware Smart Adaptor, is connected to 25 billion IoT devices and provides a simplified and relevant smart home experience for everyone.

All you need to do is buy the Anyware Smart Adapter, install it, download the Anyware Application and your monthly fee comes down to $0. Check out your nearest Solution Bar store to purchase our newest innovation!

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