See You At The Olympics!

Did you know? Badminton is the world’s fastest racquet sport which requires quick reflexes and a strong conditioning. Another fun fact! Did you know? Badminton is the second most popular sport in the world. Yes, that’s true. This game has given birth to revolutionary players like Lee Chong Wei, Saina Nehwal and Chris Adcock. Not only is this sport fun to play, but also increases your stamina significantly. An intense and high-speed competition, badminton requires the player to incorporate both proper nutrition and a regimen of cardiovascular exercises.

Well, you’d think that badminton requires just a racquet and shuttle. You’re not entirely wrong, but first let us tell you about an innovation that is changing this wide-spread game. Introducing to you, the Actofit Badminton Pods. A powerful wireless intelligent badminton tracker, this device acts as your very own coach and smart tracker, giving you personalized feedback that is tailored to your playing style. As the product tagline goes, ‘Smash your way to glory!’, Actofit understands that your style of play determines how quickly you reach your goals. You can achieve a clear understanding of how you play your game by using this device’s real-time tracking that helps you analyze every shot and improvise every stroke. Once you have an idea of how you currently play your game, improve on the weak points and get substantial feedback from the badminton pod which will, ultimately, allow you to make instant changes.

Pods 1

In a competitive world, being best at what you do matters more than anything! Actofit Badminton Pod is not just about learning badminton or making changes to your current style of playing, it also allows you to outperform yourself. All your progress is available to you at a glance in tailored charts and graphical representations. Actofit believes that progress is being better than what you used to be and it helps you achieve just that.

Actofit Badminton Pod 2

So, what exactly is the small and portable device tracking while you are playing your favorite game? Essential data such as the speed, force, radian & calories burnt are recorded. Six important badminton movements like Smash, Lift, Clear, Block, Slice & Drive are collected for style analytics. In addition to this, this data is provided in an easy-to-read format with the sole purpose of improving your game.

Available in three colors, blue, black and red, Actofit has a long-lasting battery life of about 10 continuous hours. You can review your badminton stroke under real-time mode via the latest 3D animation replayed immediately after each hit. The action trail can display each moment at various speeds, helping you to review your strokes step by step. The 6-gram sensor fits well below the racket. “You will not even notice it while it works like magic!”

Solution Bar has been consistent in its efforts to give you an opportunity to browse through a variety of innovative products, ranging from devices for educational purposes to products that improve your health. For all the badminton players (and also the non-badminton players), here’s an amazing chance for you all to improve your game and to learn a few special tricks!


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