5 Smart Gadgets to Make Your Everyday Life Easier

ThreadRobe Automated Clothes Manager

ThreadRobe.jpgKeep your laundry woes at bay with Threadrobe. This incredible system can sort, identify, and store all of your clothing straight from the dryer. Along with the mobile app, you can even select which clothes you need at a certain time and ThreadRobe will get them ready for you.


Halfbike.jpgGet used to a whole new form of urban mobility with Halfbike. This personal vehicle makes it easier for you to get around the city. Perfect for both recreation and exercise, the compact and lightweight design make it highly portable.

COWAROBOT Auto-Follow Suitcase

Cowarobot.jpgThis clever suitcase incorporates robotic technology right in its shell. As a result, it can follow you autonomously, making the process of traveling with a suitcase smooth and hassle-free. Now you can zip through the airport while going hands-free with your luggage.

 Cinera Immersive Personal Theater Headset

CineraCombining visual and audio technology, this headset gives you everything you love about the movies. The Cinera Headset offers an impeccable 5K UHD content on a giant display through the use of two screens. This dual-screen solution gives each eye its own display and light path. With this technology, you can have a movie-theater-like cinematic experience from your couch.

Aeolus Smart Home Robot

AeolusOffering convenience and companionship, the Aeolus Robot is a working prototype of a robotic household assistant. Using AI and machine learning, the Aeolus Robot can vacuum your house and recognize countless objects. This smart robot will improve your everyday life, one tidy portion of your home at a time.


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