Drum On-The-Go!

Every single day, a human being’s mind is flooded with new ideas and thoughts. You want to be an astronaut someday and the next day, it’s tough for you to even recall what day it is. We have so many aspirations, so many, that it’s actually a challenge for us to keep up with them. Well, I don’t know about the rest, but when it comes to music, I have the perfect solution for all you, tech-geeks! Plugging on your earphones and listening to music all day probably makes you wonder whether you should learn an instrument but doesn’t this involve a huge investment in terms of time and money? Yes, it does!

Introducing to you, the TOUCHBEAT Smart Drum Kit. A cutting-edge innovation that allows you to play drums on your smart device, TOUCHBEAT is an unparalleled creation of WIFO Corporation that helps you learn the art of drumming in no time through a drum game application! Play virtual drums with drumsticks and kick the pedal on a smart device. Well, you must be wondering how this happens (don’t worry, it’s not complicated). Here it is, the TOUCHBEAT Smart Drum Kit is simple to use. Just attach the specially-designed touch emulator to the bass drum (exactly like in the picture shown below) to use the pedal and play just like a real drum set, pedal kick and all! Moreover, you can use it with any of your favorite drum apps like GarageBand with no extra setup required.

TOUCHBEAT Smart Drum Kit 1

Mashable, a global & multi-platform media and entertainment company, says “If you want to up the anté on your drum solo or teach yourself a new talent, the TOUCHBEAT Smart Drum Kit can turn your phone or tablet screen into a digital drum set”. Before getting into why and how you should use it, let’s dig deeper and understand this product properly. Let’s say you’re a professional drummer and you’re going out on a vacation with your family and immediate friends. You obviously cannot carry your drum set and this is where TOUCHBEAT Smart Drum Kit kicks in and makes your life easier. Drum on-the-GO! You can play drums on a smart device anywhere, on the streets as well! Raise charity for an event or play it on the streets of some foreign nation where no one knows you for pure fun and entertainment. In addition to this, children, at a very early age, can develop an inclination towards this instrument by playing games on the device. After a certain point, when their passion towards the instrument becomes substantial and makes them want to take it a step further, their parents can buy the actual drum set.

Don’t worry, your house isn’t going to get any nosier. Whoever is playing the drums using the TOUCHBEAT Smart Drum Kit can use headphones, play and practice for as long as they want! It is portable, easy-to-carry and lightweight, making it the perfect travel buddy. Another great thing- It does not occupy any space like a drum set would otherwise do!

TOUCHBEAT Smart Drum Kit 2

Take a look at what Trend Hunter has to say about this product! #DrumOn-The-GO!

“Created with a digital design that makes them suitable for use on smartphones and tablets, the kit works by utilizing a digital pedal that attaches onto the device.”

Since the day Solution Bar was established, it has tried to incorporate the greatest innovations and reach out to their customers in a way that they get to experience the product first, before even thinking of purchasing it. Ultimately, great marketing leads to great customers! Well, we have always tried to set a trend that makes us stand out; innovations and technological wonders that spark a sense of curiosity and interest in the tech-minds of the customers.


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