Entertainment Under The Stars!

Have you ever wondered how it feels like, to watch your favourite sitcom or the latest action movie under a blanket of stars? Enjoying, giggling and munching onto delicacies with your friends and family while you are enveloped in the arms of the sky. Well, I don’t blame you if this is too far-fetched for you imagine. Implementing a plan like this involves a plethora of arrangements including a projector, looking for a viable connection point outside your house and the list goes on.

AIPTEK, the global leader of mobile projection, presents Boombox Projector P800. A professional 360 degree sound system, this device expands its usage with its bright 800 lumen HD projector. Use it as your home’s entertainment TV by connecting your laptop or mobile phone via Bluetooth and watch a movie or the latest episode of your favourite series on a huge screen (120 inches) without building yourself a home theatre. Use the LED screen on top of this device to make selections of your all-time favourite songs! Moreover, carry it out to your garden like your picnic box and put on the projector for entertainment under the sky!

Aiptek Boombox P800 1

Instead of buying expensive projectors for your office, which you need to switch on and off, configure and permanently place somewhere, use this device for individual business presentations.

Useful anywhere and anytime, Boombox Projector P800 is portable and is introducing a new generation of projecting by offering a complete mobile cinema experience with stunning AV performance! The unique quad-directional eight-speaker arrangement, combines powerful bass with clear high and mid-tones, creating a spectacular 360-degree listening experience within any environment.

Light up the room, use the wall and the AIPTEK Boombox Projector P800 to set a background and call your special ones over to recreate a day from the past, or celebrate a special occasion. As AIPTEK puts it, the Boombox Projector P800 is ‘ONE DEVICE FOR EVERYTHING!’. Grab this amazing product now from Solution bar.

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