Pocket Projector!

Let’s say, you have a business meeting at 9 am with your most important client and you are already running late. You rush your way through the traffic and make it on time. You reach the boardroom and realize the trouble that you will have to go through in order to connect your device to the projector and make sure that the placement is correct (which, by the way, takes a lot of effort). Your clients have already reached and have been waiting for the past 10 minutes. What do you next? You pull out the easy-to-carry, portable and light-weight AIPTEK Mobile Cinema i70, the ideal projector for mobile users in business presentations and for personal entertainment, as well. Your clients are impressed with your prompt attitude towards handling the situation and you get the project! So, what exactly does Mobile Cinema i70 do?

Aiptek Mobile Cinema i70 1

This device conquers and solves two problems that conventional projectors cause to their users and customers. Firstly, there are quite a few complications involved when you want to connect something on your mobile phone with the projector. In addition to this, you experience countless number of hassles when you want to connect the projector to the laptop. Not to forget, installing the projector itself is a challenge. So, how exactly does AIPTEK help you solve your problems? Mobile Cinema i70 comes with wireless connectivity through Airplay or Miracast, built-in battery and its compact size offers outstanding projection equal to an 80-inch big screen. It is easy-to-connect and the cable-free connection makes i70 an ideal projector to put in the pocket and take anywhere. Share videos, photos and information with your friends anywhere and anytime & enjoy the cinema quality projection experience.

Aiptek Mobile Cinema i70 2

Worried about the battery life? The power bank function will work as an emergency charger for your smartphone via the USB cable.

Innumerable uses, several functions, and uncountable benefits, AIPTEK has made an effort to integrate better technology into conventional projectors and create something that we never even imagined of! Do refer to Solution Bar’s product page in order to gain more insights on the technical specifications. Rush to your nearest store and get one for yourself, your house or your office. DON’T MISS OUT ON IT!



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