Surprises & Celebrations!

“Father’s Day is celebrated all across the world with the prime objective of realizing and cherishing the bond one shares with their father. This is a special day to acknowledge the contribution and sacrifices made by them.”

In case you all are wondering why this article is about Father’s Day, well, June 17th is around the corner and as always, Solution Bar has a surprise for all its customers. Don’t you think we owe it to our fathers for protecting us, proudly bringing us up and shaping us into the mature human beings that we are? Honestly, we should be thanking them every single day, however, Father’s Day marks a day specially dedicated to them.

The first product that Solution Bar recommends its customers to gift their fathers is, none other than, MyKronoz’s ZeTIME, the hybrid smart watch. Wait, before you feel like it’s like every other smart watch, let me tell you, ZeTIME is not your typical smart watch. A device that integrates the key features of a smart watch with the traditional Swiss Watch, ZeTIME, apart from imparting all the functions that a smart watch does, becomes the care-taker of your health and ensures that you achieve your everyday targets, in terms of physical activities as well as work-related jobs. A tracker of your heart rate, calories burnt, distance covered, and hours slept, ZeTIME gives you a holistic view of your body status and helps you make the necessary changes according to the shortcomings mentioned. From being woken up in the morning to ending the day by checking whether or not you’ve achieved your targets, ZeTIME is the perfect gift for your father!

MyKronoz ZeTIME

They work hard every single day, in order to make sure that we live an easy life and never experience a shortage of anything, whatsoever. Working for 8+ hours every day, indefinitely, makes them drowsy and tired. Taking power naps for 10 minutes during lunch breaks is pretty common, but these activities sometimes stain the eyeglasses that they wear. The solution is to clean them with a tissue; this is exactly what you must be thinking. Although, as promised, Solution Bar brings enthralling and innovative devices to the counter, enhancing both performance and productivity. So here it is! Realistically, a tissue, paper or a cloth does not remove even half of the dirt or the stains that are visible on the glasses. An interesting product, named Smartclean, allows for easy and professional cleaning of the eyeglasses. All they have to do is fill tap water. The product will generate ultrasound vibration forming numerous bubbles. These bubbles collapse and produce shock waves which shake off all the unwanted particles, including dust and dirt. After using this device, they will have spick-and-span and spotless eyeglasses that can now be worn comfortably! Wait up, not just eyeglasses, this product can clean almost everything including watches as well. Did I mention? This device is perfectly portable and can be taken anywhere, to office, for a holiday or even when they want to go watch a movie. Seems like the perfect gift for your father, right? Don’t decide yet, we have another gift suggestion coming your way.

Smartclean 1

Moving on, how does the concept of a pocket projector sound to you? So, to explain this in simpler terms, AIPTEK Mobile Cinema i70 is the ideal projector for mobile users that can be used for business presentations as well as personal entertainment!

Aiptek Mobile Cinema i70 2When your father has to give an important presentation with the purpose of acquiring the client, instead of going through the hassles of setting up the projector, use Mobile Cinema i70 that is easy-to-connect (through Airplay or Miracast) and cable-free, making it the ideal projector to take anywhere in your pocket. Moreover, this compact-sized projector can also be used for entertainment purposes, such as watching favorite TV series, movie or dancing to favorite song’s video on Thursday nights. This device integrates better technology into conventional projectors and makes life easy!

Father’s Day comes once a year, and instead of just wishing them through a phone call, we must make sure that we make them feel special. All these products are a perfect fit for the lives of our fathers, take your pick and surprise your dad ON JUNE 17th!


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