MovieMask Coming Soon At Solution Bar!

I’m sure we love watching movies, sitcoms, and music videos. It calms our brain and compels the body to become stress-free. After a hard day at work or school, we don’t want anything more than a relaxed evening. To achieve this bliss, wouldn’t it be perfect if we could just immerse ourselves in another world and leave our worries behind? But can we do this without a TV, remotes, Laptops, headphones and so on? MovieMask a product coming soon to Solution Bar, is a headset and your portable cinema. All you have to do is open the headset, insert your phone, expand and PLAY! Don’t be mistaken, you don’t have to be at home for this; you can do this ANYTIME & ANYWHERE. While traveling or on an during your vacation, if you feel like entertaining yourself by watching something, all you have to do is choose your favorite content and enjoy. Immerse yourself!

MovieMask 2

Let’s say you’re watching Game of Thrones on MovieMask- don’t be shocked if you feel like the dragons are leaping, flying and blowing fireballs towards you. Let’s say you’re watching Suits. Don’t be shocked if you feel the need to say ‘Objection, My Lord’ because trust me, the experience will be so real that you will feel as though you’re standing in the courtroom.

Most importantly, you can watch movies and TV series with any application: Netflix, HBO, Hulu & so on! All applications available on Google Play & Apple store work well and are compatible with MovieMask.

What’s the point of getting a home theater built or going for a movie when you can have a better experience by using MovieMask? Feel the scene around yourself. And don’t worry; those who wear glasses can easily use this headset. Enjoy the show even while wearing your glasses. MovieMask is convenient in its purest sense; it is portable, glasses-friendly, has a flexible silicon design and can be folded and stored.

Motiv_Movie Mask Platinum-01

Designed in Norway, this device has several features that make it extremely comfortable. The distance between the lens and the display can be customized, in order to avoid any visual disturbances. In addition, MovieMask has a soft and ventilated face padding with a wide fit that allows for best comfort!

MovieMask won the Red Dot Design Award in 2017 for the best international product design. Makes you want to consider giving it a try? Find MovieMask soon in your nearest Solution Bar store soon. Using MovieMask, experience a whole new world around you!

Watch this space for more updates!

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