5 Travel Gadgets You Need for Your Next Trip

MESAY 2.0 Two-Way AI Translator


Landing in a new country with an unknown language isn’t always a pleasant experience. But with a smart translator like MESAY, you can finally make your experience more seamless than ever. This translator is packed with artificial intelligence that can instantly translate speakers with an impressive 97% accuracy. Operating it is equally simple. All you have to do is speak into the device and it will translate into the target language automatically.

KUBE Portable 360-Degree Speaker


If you’re heading out on a long drive or camping by the beach, you definitely need this 360-degree speaker. Not only does it come with exceptional sound quality, but it’s also durable enough to withstand any weather conditions. Additionally, the speaker also features a built-in cooler to keep your beverages chilled.

Hideez Secure Digital Key


Keeping your digital data safe and secure on the go is a must. With this digital key, you can access your computer, door, or even your online passwords in a more secure way. Additionally, it also comes with iris authentication which makes the entire device extremely safe and secure for storing your important digital data.

Pryme Vessyl by Mark One

Pryme vessel.jpg

When you’re traveling, you must stay hydrated. Drinking enough water to keep your body healthy is necessary and with Vessyl, the process even easier. There’s a small light on the side of the bottle which alerts you when it’s time to hydrate. And, the bottle communicates with the app with each sip and gulp. As a result, you can stay hydrated while also meeting your hydration goals.

SleepBliss – Deep Sleep Brainwave Tuning Technology


Getting your perfect sleep while you travel can be difficult at times. With this crystal ball, you’ll be able to calm your mind and drift off to a deep sleep. The crystal ball is also capable of relieving insomnia and sleeplessness so you can be rested for the next day’s adventures.

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