5 Latest Gadgets Of The Week

Leica BLK360 3D Laser Scanner

Leika 3D laser scanner

Easily scan all your documents with the Leica BLK360 3D Laser Scanner. Compatible with ReCap Pro software, this laser scanner can be used to record, design and measure. Simply touch the button for the BLK360 to capture 360-degree spherical imagery in an hour or less.

Roomba 890 Wi-Fi Robot Vacuum


Cleaning the house is a stress-free experience with the Roomba 890 Wi-Fi Robot Vacuum. This smart home cleaning gadget uses a Wi-Fi connection, making it easy to control from the app. The Roomba 890 cleans your floors entirely on its own while steering clear of anything in its way.

Boogie Dice – World’s First Self Rolling Gaming Dice!

Boogie dice

Make your dice move magically on their own with the Boogie Dice – World’s First Self Rolling Gaming Dice! The programmable dice respond to different sounds, such as clapping your hands, snapping your fingers, or banging on the table. Guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser, Boogie Dice easily replaces any standard dice in your favorite games.

Kancy Smart Wi-Fi Tiny Switch

Kancy Smart Switch

Make your home even smarter the Kancy Smart Wi-Fi Tiny Switch. This gadget makes it possible for you to control your home using just your smartphone. Compatible with both smart and not-so-smart appliances, Kancy comes in four models including a dimmer, servo, relay, and an outlet.

FetchitGO Smart IOT Controller


Create shortcuts to your favorite actions and tasks with the FetchitGO Smart IOT Controller. Thanks to smart connected buttons, this simple yet sleek pad makes using your smart home devices easier and quicker. Completely customizable, you can use the FetchitGO for anything from turning lights on to calling an Uber.



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