5 New Products of the Week

PetChatz Videophone for Pets


Interacting with your pets from anywhere just got a whole lot easier with this videophone. You can see and hear as well as speak to your pets, thus providing a comfortable atmosphere whenever you travel without them. It’s a must-have smart home product for pet parents.

Frednology Allure Smart Makeup Mirror


Offering color accuracy and clarity, Allure’s special lighting helps you always look your best. By using Allure’s Sephora app, you can test out lipstick colors before putting them on. It’s like having a professional make up artist in your home.

PLOOTA Sensor-Controlled Swimming Safety Device

Ploota.jpgThis flotation aid inflates automatically when it senses trouble, keeping your head above the water. You wear it around your neck and it normally stays out of the way whether you are swimming or surfing. PLOOTA is the ultimate way to keep yourself safe in the water.

ZIKTO Walk Fitness and Activity Tracker

Zikto.jpgMeasuring everything from steps to posture, this tracker ensures you’re improving physically every day. Remaining on your wrist, the ZIKTO Walk keeps tallies on your steps and calories but also relies on the natural swing and movement of your arms to calculate your walking posture. Keep up with your health and fitness levels in style.

BADDY Open Source Badminton Robot

Baddy.jpgThis open source device automatically serves during your games. It helps everyone enjoy the game of badminton, even if you’ve never played before. It’s made for all players of any level and it can help you improve your skills. BADDY works with a companion app which lets you control the entire system. Meet your badminton goals effortlessly with this smart companion.



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