5 Sports Gadgets to Up Your Game

Babolat Pop Tennis Sensor

 Babolat Pop Tennis SensorImprove the way you play tennis with the Babolat Pop Tennis Sensor. Just pair the Pop wristband with the app for your tennis racquet to connect instantly. The wearable device collects data about your performance and even provides fun challenges and games.

Wilson X Connected Basketball

Wilson Connected basketball

Track your skills on the court with the Wilson X Connected Basketball. By connecting to the app, this basketball keeps track of your shooting stats and analyzes the data to turn you into a better player. Even though it looks like a regular basketball, the Wilson X monitors your shooting percentage, range, and more.

Easton Baseball Power Sensor by Blast Motion

Easton Baseball Power Sensor by Blast MotionNow you can become a better baseball player with the Easton Baseball Power Sensor by Blast Motion. This device comes with a wearable clip and an advanced sensor that attaches to the end of your bat, allowing it to track and evaluate your swing. In fact, it can track metrics such as power, speed, efficiency, and even direction.

ShotTracker – Wearable Basketball Tracker

Easton Baseball Power Sensor by Blast MotionEnhance your basketball skills with the ShotTracker, the Wearable Basketball Tracker. Worn around the wrist, it automatically tracks every shot you attempt, make, or even miss. Additionally, you can quickly review your data in the app to improve your performance in real time.

Swingbyte Golf Swing Analyzer

Swingbyte Golf Swing AnalyzerPractice golf with purpose with the Swingbyte Golf Swing Analyzer. This device offers real-time feedback during your golf games and allows you to analyze your game directly from your smartphone. With every swing, the analyzer provides an interactive 3D evaluation that highlights essential data to help you improve in no time.

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