Futura X: The thinnest wireless charger in the world!

Solution Bar at Sharaf DG brings to you, the world’s thinnest Wireless charger in the world. Futura X wireless charger is your perfect gadget of the season if you’re looking for the best combination of style and functionality.

Futura X is a 94×94 mm, 7mm thin charging pad, wherein you simply place your phone on the pad and it begins to charge. It can charge any device that is ‘Qi’ compatible, thus covering a wide range of iPhones and other ‘Qi’ compatible smartphones from Samsung, Apple, LG and Lenovo. It can charge your phone even with the case on, as it can penetrate up to 5 cm of casing material. Futura X has been exquisitely designed to have an internal cooling system, which makes this device particularly suitable for the “fast charging” mode. On an average, Futura X can charge a smartphone approximately 1.4 times faster than other wireless chargers, when using a quick charge adapter.

Bezalel - Solutionbar

It boasts a shiny acrylic surface and has been made with the finest of materials to give its body a stylish appeal. Weighing at just 78 grams, this gadget is super slim and compact. The stylish design, with its sleek look makes it the luxury device that every gadget-geek should have.

This charger is a fast and secure way to charge your phones and it comes with a USB-C to USB-A 1.2m flat charging cable. Now you can slip it into your bag and carry it to your office, college or workplace, set it up at any place and charge your phone in style. Hurry! Grab a Futura X from Solution Bar at Sharaf DG.

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