EKSTER smart wallet: security meets innovation!

With digital innovation coming about in our world, and everything around us going “smart”, theft of money is bound to go “smarter”. We are aware of the perils of data theft and, the ease with which our data can be monitored, corrupted, or stolen is making the picture scarier every day. This is why the protection and security of our devices, data, money and related credentials and information has become extremely important today.

Electronic Pickpocketing, as a theft crime, is on a rampant rise over the last couple of years. It is hardly surprising how easily one can skim and read our information from the chip-enabled cards kept in our wallet without us even knowing about it until it’s too late! We are all vulnerable to being tracked and robbed unless there is a way to protect our information. That is where the need for a Smart Wallet comes into the picture! And Solution Bar at Sharaf DG is here to help you get your hands on one.

The EKSTER Parliament is a smart wallet that promises to protect your cards and the information stored in its chip. The electronic pickpocketing happens with the help of RFID scanning technology, wherein magnetic readable content can be easily scanned off the chip and interpreted. The EKSTER wallet adopts an integrated RFID protection technology and uses an Aluminum strip placed within in its leather casing which blocks the transmission of info from inside the wallet. The Aluminum casing makes it impossible for a scanner to read data configured into the cards from outside the wallet.

The wallet comes with a click button at the bottom of the leather case which, when pressed, ejects out 6 of your frequently used cards at once. The quick accessibility of the cards is a major plus point, and you get to see the complete stack of cards in just a quick click-and-glance. As much as the wallet appeals for its functionality, it also boasts of truly pleasing aesthetics and unique characteristics. At 1.5 cm width, it’s the slimmest smart wallet in the market! The wallets are beautifully handcrafted from premium Dutch/German top-grain leathers, and come in 4 classic colors. It can not only store up to 6 cards inside the protected compartment but also has a separate provision for storing cash, bills or receipts. Now you can carry your cash and cards in style while being assured of your data’s safety!

Roam carefree with the Ekster wallet! Grab yours today from Solution Bar at Sharaf DG.

Ekster (1).jpg

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