Travis the Translator: A must-have for every travel enthusiast!

Are you a globetrotter? Have you visited multiple countries, wishing that you knew the local tongue to make things easier? Have you ever wished you had a translator with you on all your overseas trips and you could make more than just formal, obligatory exchanges with the locals and tourists alike? Well, then you have some good news coming up here.


Solution Bar at Sharaf DG presents to you- Travis the Translator: a handy translation device which promises to be your perfect travel companion the next time you head to a foreign land. We all imagine a world where communication between two cultures, communities or nationalities would be so seamless, so unrestricted that people interact, connect, and bond in ways that are not just powerful, but also beautiful. Travis brings this imagination to life with this device which can translate as many as 80+ languages from across the world. Imagine a scenario where you travel to a foreign country, say Japan, where English is not the primary language. Carry Travis with you, which comes with a database of both the languages, English and Japanese. You can effectively communicate with the natives there using this two-way device. Now you can make simple conversation with waiters at any restaurant, ask the local crowd for information or directions, bargain with street vendors and so much more! This makes your trip and moving around the country much easier, as you no longer need to learn Japanese to communicate in Japan. You get a sneak-peek into their world through their language, while also experience and live the culture more deeply. Navigation and communication has never been so smooth, so satisfying.


What’s more, this device can be used online as well as offline, and hence saves you the worry of internet availability. It supports 20 languages even in offline mode. Travis works on a revolutionary technology supported by AI and is only meant to expand and luxuriate in the future, with newer features added with every upgrade. A rechargeable battery, promising 12-hour battery-life, compact little shape, and dynamically customizable features are reasons enough why Travis deserves to be on the list of travel essentials for any travel-and-culture-enthusiast. So, when are you getting yours?


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