Blips: Magnify Beauty Around You!

Are you a passionate photographer? How often do you get the chance to closely observe your surroundings and lose yourself in nature’s beauty? Do you have the eye to notice, appreciate and capture the minutest of details that our natural surroundings have to offer? Then you have landed in the right place for all your macro photography needs, particularly if you depend on your smartphone’s camera to click pictures! Blips is the perfect choice.

Carrying a DSLR camera is often tedious and needs special skills and equipment to be able to take a professional level photograph. We tend to depend more on our smartphones for instant pictures, faster & automated focus, and easy portability. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could achieve the quality and clarity of a DSLR image in a smartphone, and capture equally great images of everything around us, big and small? Presenting to you: Blips– Macro Kit Metal Series – mini-lenses for your smartphone and tablet’s camera. They come in a pack of two and can be used as a simple attachment to your phone’s camera lens. This product is a must-have for every Macro-photographer who captures beauty on-the-go!

The Macro Lens of 10mm focal length allows you to capture the smallest of details around you- from insects, to flowers, to details of random everyday objects. The Macro Plus lens has a greater focal length of 20mm and boasts of a much higher magnifying power and top-class picture quality. The two lenses offer you the quality, clarity and resolution of a professional DSLR camera without the hassle of owning and operating one, all of that, at just AED 99. All you have to do is visit the nearest Solution Bar at Sharaf DG, grab a Blips Macro Kit, choose your lens and simply attach it to your phone’s lens with the help of the multi-usable adhesive tapes.

Made from high-quality polymer, the lenses are not only light-weight, but also water-resistant, and hence an ideal choice for your mobile phones. Go explore your home, garden, and beyond. Feel and capture the beauty that mother nature has to offer. Appreciate the little things of beauty around you, while etching them forever in your phone; you never know what you may discover, maybe even a hidden photographer in you!

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