Safedome Recharge: forget the problem of forgetting your belongings!

Have you ever been in a situation where you forgot your wallet or purse somewhere and had a tough time looking for it because you just couldn’t remember? We’ve all been through this at some time or the other. Blame it on our forgetfulness or busy life. Which is why we, at Solution Bar, have the perfect solution for you: Safedome Recharge. The Safedome Recharge is a very unique gadget that comes in a very petite size- no larger than a normal credit card. 

The basic idea behind this gadget is to track our belongings, say a wallet, that we may have left somewhere and cannot recall. All we have to do is place the card-like gadget inside our wallet or purse and configure it with the Bluetooth on your phone. Now you can easily track this card and find your belonging that the card is placed inside. Not only that, you can also install the Safedome App on our phone, which will track and remember the most recent locations of your purse or belonging along with the time that it was recorded. This app is free and compatible with iOS and Android phones. Using the app and the tracker, you can also set alerts wherein the app notifies you in case if you’re leaving a certain zone and forgetting your belonging there. Not only can you define the zones as per your choice, but also decide the notifications that you want to receive. For example, you can control how often you get the alerts, choose the notification sound you like and select the places you don’t want to be alerted at, like home or workplace.

An interesting feature of the card is the provision of a button, that can ring a bell in your phone, even when it is on silent mode. Now you can locate your phone with just one click of a button, in case you misplace it at your gym, home or workplace. Another innovative feature of the card is the fact that it can be recharged by simply placing it on a charging pad that comes with the gadget.


Since the app tracks the location of your bag or belonging using the card, it can also alert you if your belongings are being stolen or taken away from you without your knowledge. You can immediately know the location of the belonging and take some action before it’s too late.

With its amazing features, functionality and sleek design that fits just about anywhere in your wallet or bag, this card is a must-have for adding a touch of technology, convenience and security in your fast-paced and constantly moving lifestyle. Hurry! Grab yours at the nearest Solution Bar counter at Sharaf DG Stores.




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