Top 3 Buys of the Month!

Solution Bar brings to you this month’s 3 super cool and innovative gadgets, that promise to make everyday life convenient and interesting!

Safedome Recharge:


The Safedome Recharge is a very unique gadget that comes in a very petite size- no larger than a normal credit card. The basic idea behind this gadget is to track our belongings, say a wallet, that we may have left somewhere and cannot recall.

All you have to do is place the card-like gadget inside our wallet or purse and configure it with the Bluetooth on your phone. Now you can easily track this card and find your belongings that the card is placed inside. Not only that, but the Safedome App can also track and remember the most recent location of your purse or belonging along with the time that it was recorded.

An innovative feature about the card is the fact that it can be charged by simply placing it on a charging pad that comes with the gadget. This card is a must-have gadget for adding a touch of technology and convenience in your constantly moving lifestyle. Hurry! Grab yours at the nearest Solution Bar store!

Talking Tom Smart Toy:


Talking Tom Smart Toy is an innovative product inspired from the virtual game – Talking Tom. The smart toy is programmed to repeat everything you say. It can also recognize changes in voice and tone and accordingly process and reproduce the same voice. The product is ideal for kids of age 3-10 years.

Falcon 21 Power Charger:

Falcon 21-02

Fancy owning a power bank that never discharges, and runs on an inexhaustible source of power? Falcon 21 is the perfect gadget for you. Solution Bar from Sharaf DG brings to you a unique power bank that relies on solar power to charge its cells, hence it can be used as a portable charger for your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and other devices.

Weighing at just 470 gms, Falcon 21 is tested in the harshest of environments and is robust enough to endure different environments like deserts, mountains, remote areas or even natural disaster zones- wherever you get sufficient sunlight.

We are committed to bringing you more diverse and innovative gadgets every month. Rush to the nearest Solution Bar at Sharaf DG and buy these and many more cool award-winning gadgets!

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